'Arena' Store?

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As title suggests, do people think an 'Arena' Store, similar to how the Loyalty Store works, would be a good addition for people to spend battle chips beyond simply buying the Arena Crystals/GM Arena Crystals?

I'm thinking you could purchase the following things:
- Arena Boosts (All the different classes and tiers offered)
- Stamina Refreshes (Different tiers, the 5* costs more, the 6* costs even more)
- Matchup Reroll Item
- 4* Punisher
- 5* Punisher

(Prices would be at least on par with the prices of the boosts/champs in the loyalty store, if not more, to reflect that BC's are easier to acquire than. What the value of each item should be is another discussion, I'm only interested if there would be any real interest.)

'Arena' Store? 12 votes

Yes - Include everything listed
dkatryldapps2gocx23433XxLoganTDCxXTheSquish671WelderofortuneSpidey983Wakanda4Ever278Cosmicspiderman777Ultimatesaber32 10 votes
Yes - Exclude purchasing champs
No - Crystals are enough
Iron_SkywalkerRebellion_666 2 votes
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