ÑøX3- An escape from the pressure!

No-Xtreme is the newest addition the the ÑøX family. Nothing too Xtreme, just "a bit" more casual.

Currently 1434 war rating and running two war groups during the rebuild with plans to add a third after it's full. No heavy pushes or stress in AW.
AQ is currently planned as 5-3-5 and possibly moving forward as 5x5 later down the road to allow some growth.
Only event minimum as of now is 3-day completion with the standard easy target of 15K.

Currently looking for experienced players who can handle map5 and can run some lanes well in AW. Nothing crazy happening in AW, but still prefer a bit of skill.

LINE App required.

If ÑøX3 sounds like a good fit for you or you have questioned than join our recruit chat to talk with an officer:
Click here to chat!


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