Dungeons need something like infinity dust to make the grind worthwhile

It took me so long to grind to 27,000. I had so many dungeon trips where I would enter dungeon 6 with a stacked team and would either be matched with player with a weak team or suffer through my partner losing his entire team before the first room was finished. So many hours, such a long grind. For what? A five star cyclops. That was it.

I remember when dungeons were introduced and you got infinity dust as well as the artifacts. That made it worthwhile because even if the artifacts didn't pay off your grind helped in other areas of the game. Now it's all invested in one roll which is often very disappointing.


  • Hulk_77Hulk_77 Posts: 734
    I completely agree. I stopped doing them because they're not worth the time invested for me. I need rank up materials, not more 5*s I probably won't use.
  • The grind is good for the gold
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