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NERF ÆGON right now, before it's too late.

ON12355ON12355 Posts: 144 ★★
edited November 2018 in Suggestions and Requests
Hello Kabam.
So I've just met your new golden boy Ægon and I have only one tip for you - nerf him immediately before too many players rank him up and there will be no way back, just like it happened with Blade.
I can't be only one who saw it second after reading all his looong description of abilities - this guy is insanely overpowered. I mean, I get it, he is one of your own, your precious and you have to feel need to make him the best, in the end he is supposed to be winner of your little contest. But we all can tell when something is little too far and this is it. What you did there is basically StarLord 2.0 (we all know that StarLord was long time OG king of the contest and we know why it was) with one difference - this fella is rewarded for EVERY - [Removed by Mod] - FIVE - HITS on his combo meter with some additional bonus ability.
Be honest - if you wanted to create something overpowered and undeniably superior in this game, would you do anything else but Ægon exactly? ....Yeah, didn't think so...
So Kabam, we get it, your own champion is the best, we should all love it, you gave yourself that little treat and now it's time to be real. Nerf him. Its better to nerf one new champ than to be pushed to nerf all contest around him in the future (you know that first hand - you are still fighting that Blade fever, I mean bleed immune AW? Sure it's only to make game fun and interactive *wink wink*)

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  • New_Noob168New_Noob168 Posts: 1,540 ★★★★
    Why? he's a money maker
  • doctorbdoctorb Posts: 1,681 ★★★
    Another post has ppl saying its doable with AA
  • WorknprogressWorknprogress Posts: 7,233 ★★★★★
    doctorb wrote: »
    Another post has ppl saying its doable with AA

    Bc it easily is. Seatin one shot him with a 4* AA. I used my 5* personally and it was super easy
  • SpiritOfVengeanceSpiritOfVengeance Posts: 2,353 ★★★★
    How do you beat the champion?
  • WorknprogressWorknprogress Posts: 7,233 ★★★★★
    How do you beat the champion?

    Used AA for him as well
  • V1PER1987V1PER1987 Posts: 3,474 ★★★★★
    Jh_Dez wrote: »
    V1PER1987 wrote: »
    Hurray. A nerf post in the first few hours of an EQ. Right on schedule.

    To be honest hes actually right
    Ægon is overpowered

    That’s what everyone says. Then on day 2 people calm down and realize it’s not true.
  • RaganatorRaganator Posts: 2,446 ★★★★★
    edited November 2018
    doctorb wrote: »
    Another post has ppl saying its doable with AA

    The point isn't whether he is a good defender. He's not. He's asking for a nerf to the actual character and his offensive abilities. That said...I have no opinion on the matter.
  • Jh_DezJh_Dez Posts: 1,304 ★★★
    Use aegon to fight an opponent
    Win the fight
    Gains a lot of persistent charges which work has his combo meter
    From what we've seen in uncollected, 10 hits from a fight (win) could = 47+ persistent charges
    Next opponent ægon takes down with ease and d charges go up
    After a few fights, aegon gets to the boss
    One of aegons ability allows him to ignore a sizeable amount of block proficiency plus his other bonuses and the fight is over as soon as it begins

    Hmmm to me this is op
    But it means if players get him, it will cost kabam less money
    There's no nerf needed here
    Move along now
  • SpiritOfVengeanceSpiritOfVengeance Posts: 2,353 ★★★★
    Now it makes sense how he won the contest. He truely is a beast however kabam will end up ruining him if you even ask for a small nerf.
  • Webby72Webby72 Posts: 238 ★★
    Ægon seems to be so OP, I’m scared to find out what the arena cutoff is going to be...
  • Vossler77Vossler77 Posts: 683 ★★
    AA just destroys him
  • Webby72Webby72 Posts: 238 ★★
    Vossler77 wrote: »
    AA just destroys him
    Thats besides the point, in the hands of a skilled player, this champ is going to be a sight to behold
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 35,504 ★★★★★
    Literally hours after he's out.
  • WelderofortuneWelderofortune Posts: 527 ★★
    I agree with the OP, but I am also going to go hog wild in the arena and crystals. So if they do nerf him I am going to be ticked.
  • SpiritOfVengeanceSpiritOfVengeance Posts: 2,353 ★★★★
    I agree this time for once it makes sense for Aegon to be this good he is the first contestent and winner. He is the true greatest of all time in MCOC
  • V1PER1987V1PER1987 Posts: 3,474 ★★★★★
    ON12355 wrote: »
    V1PER - as you can see, I do not comment here very often, I have 7 posts overall...And I don't ask this because I can't beat him, I'm already past him in uncollected difficulty so that's not an issue. But if you are familiar with game mechanics, you know this guy is over the edge and my demand is adequate. I just don't want to see this game went to xxx...

    A nerf post is a nerf post. This isn’t the first time people asked for a nerf because he’s too OP offensively either. People always overreact. It’s day freaking one and already with the nerf post. You can read his abilities and face him on some souped up nodes but there has been no consistent gameplay videos using him so it’s hard to tell how good he will actually be. Just because a champ looks good on paper doesn’t mean he will be as good in practice. I just wish people would stop crying nerf in the first few hours of a release. It gets annoying.
  • sfu_koraxsfu_korax Posts: 237
    He should be the most powerful champion in the game. After all he is THE WINNER OF THE CONTEST. Since he is clearly not overpowered as a defender, why do you want him nerfed? Most he has is attack, for specific utility other champs will be better...
  • ScottryanScottryan Posts: 454 ★★★
    Hes not really over powered. He need to get a big combo meter to do big damage can even then most of the bonus he gets goes to his crit rate and crit damage...which will matter less and less as he gets higher into his combo (diminishing returns). He will be an amazing quester, amazing for labyrinth but only be good for war (he wont be able to get his combo too high) and but he will in no way break the game. he has an unlimited potential to diminishing values, that's really not too game breaking.
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