Incoming Fix: Symbiote Supreme


We have identified 2 issues with Symbiote Supreme, and have prepared a fix that will be live today.

- When Symbiote Supreme’s Stagger removes a Buff, it will remove all Buffs received at the exact same time, instead of just one.
- When dealing damage upon staggering or nullifying a Buff, Symbiote Supreme was dealing significantly more damage than he should have been. Instead of dealing damage for only the Buffs that were staggered or nullified at that time, he was adding damage for every Buff that had been nullified/staggered throughout the entire fight each time he Nullified a Buff.

Alone, these bugs were still overpowered, but combined, they were far too powerful and simply game breaking.

We are aiming to have this fix live in the next hour. We apologize for any confusion that these bugs may have caused, and for not having caught these issues sooner.
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