HulkBuster Buff

Passive: Tony enhances his suit providing 1000 armor rating.

Passive: 25% chance to activate armor upon attacking or being struck.

Passive: Damage increases based on lost health (up to 75%). Damage increases by 250 per armor buff. (Max stack 4.)

Armor: 100% chance to convert 2 armor buffs into 1 permanent armor upon landing a special. (Armor increases rating by 200 per stack.)

Special 1: 100% chance to Armor break the opponent lowering armor by 500.

Special 2: Unlockable. Each beam hit has a 50% chance to burn 25% of the opponents power.

Special 3: 100% chance to place a permanent armor break on the opponent. (Armor reduction = 500)

Signature Ability: Tony knows his suit is about to be destroyed and activates a burst of regen recovering 3000 health. (Activates when below 20% health.)

Synergies: Go to sleep: (Hulk) HB and Hulk has a 25% chance to KO an opponent below 15% health when using a special.

All the armor: (Rhino) All champions gain a 750 armor rating increase.

Bigger is better: (Venom) HB gains True strike when the opponent is below 20% health.
Venom gains True Strike at 25% health instead of 18%.

Stark Industries: (All Stark related champs) Enhanced shock. Armor. Armor break. Power drain. Heal Block. And Regeneration. (20% enhanced)


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