Why fix supreme and not masochism?

Why y'all are at it can y'all fix masochism?
Voodoo , nebula, cg, etc. Parry or l1 into masochism and it clears all charges not just 1.
10 poison charges from voodoo, masochism takes them all done.
10 of nebula charges, masochism clears them all.
Parry with cg , every armor break and stun gone.
Please fix it all at once.
Thanks, I've only been playing since end of Jan 2015.


  • SpiritOfVengeanceSpiritOfVengeance Posts: 2,353 ★★★★
    Because supreme needs to make money for them. You can't have one of your money makers help the customers(us)
  • Masoquism or Buffet aren't broken. It was stated that they should "eat" all buffs/debuffs triggered in that moment
  • They deleted my initial post dogging YouTubers. I'll post it on Reddit thou
  • @will-o-wisp let me reread buff. But same principle. They aren't nerfing him on that note but because Seatin posted video three star symbio supreme destroying Champ
  • Understand something. Sym Supreme is being fix, not buff or nerf or whatever.
    Then you are taking advantage of this fix, and asking for a nerf to the nodes that have nothing to do with sym supreme fix.
    That's the problem with this post
  • No, but let's no argue over internet. Save that for the real winners. All I am stating is changing something due to a new champ "Champ" being released is a Nerf.
    Like when they changed DS. You could claim they we're fixing him because with blade, Gr, and quite a few other champs being far superior (due to passive buffs)
    We all have our opinion and I respect yours. All I am saying is Masochism clears parry it shouldn't clear armor break. It's a two step process. Must parry then armor break(cg)
    Nebula. Must parry then apply electric charges.
    Parry happens first masochism shouldn't clear second.
    Same with Voodoo. Those charges stacked are separate charges built up, but masochism clears them all.( Granted I'd just parry first then trigger poison for loa charges)
    I love balance and wish Blade synergy would be nerfed. I feel this Fix is premature. The DD(direct damage) fix I agree with on supreme.
    As for my statement it still stands. I've played this game long enough to know things only get fixed instantly if it benefits the company. Slow fixes are for us.
  • MattManMattMan Posts: 280 ★★★
    Same old song and dance. Release an OP character who drives revive/potion sales for the month they are the EQ boss, then the first day he’s not the boss the nerf him.


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