I have completed the animation. Why after all these years....

I have on so many occasions per day. Literally per day it happens. I’ll use a heave attack, I will complete the animation and still it will be declined to have hit then I will take incredible damage. Please explaine this. I a, tired of my 5star stark doing an energy drain with a heavy and completely finishing the animation only to have your game make the dynamics so atrocious and terribly broken that my attack does not register while I must accept your broken games hit which is impossible for me to do. Your games character heavys cannot be as easily interrupted. It’s awful after all these years to still have to have this happen on a daily basis. Even when I now I’m doing the right thing I wrong.

And this is after you have recorded me doing over 20,000 thousand fights

Why won’t you fix this.

It’s easy the animations have time stamps. I have completed the animation. How could it be blocked or how could my defense block not be registered.
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