17M / AQ 5-4-3 / AW 2 BG / Looking for 2

If you’re looking for a place to bust out endgame content, EQ and Act 5, join us.

We've got a solid core of veteran MCOC guys under our leader (a gal), and due to some good friends deciding that there is a life outside MCOC (the nerve!), we're looking for two new recruits.

We're not looking for a boss killer per se, but you can't sit back with tasty popcorn while the crew hammers away.

The bigger your squad, the happier we'll be. R5 4* champs and higher come in handy.

If this sounds like your kinda place, then you're our kinda teammate.

Here come the stats:
17M alliance
AQ maps 5/4/3
Tier 4-6 AW (2BGs, optional)
Hit weekly SA rewards
No donations

Our alliance name is Neutron Nanks, and our tag is Nanks. Connect via Neutron Nancy (in-game name) via her Line ID: neutronnancy.
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