Sabertooth Broken?

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Have I missed a character change update or is this just sneaky Kabam up to their old tricks?

Sabertooth now consumes a charge at the beginning of every fight- whether or not you have an active passive fury when the fight ends. It now consumes a charge to restore permanent furies too.

This causes him to reset permanent furies at a MUCH faster pace. Which brings me to my next point...

no where in his bio does it suggest that once all charges are consumed- previously held permanent furies are reset.

Previous play follows the way his bio reads- a charge is only consumed to restore passive fury(s) that we’re active at the end of a fight.

PLEASE FIX HIM!! Some of us have spent valuable resources ranking this champ and these changes DRAMATICALLY effect his worth.
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    If it says 4 charges when you first start, it should last for 4 fights, before becoming zero and then gaining anything between 3-6

    That's the way he works, no?
  • At the start of the fight, if Sabretooth has a Persistent Charge, he consumes one, re-activating all of his Fury effects that were active at the end of his last fight as permanent Passive Fury effects.

    If you had 0 fury from last fight, you waste a charge. He's one of my main attacker, and, it's always been like that.
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    This has always been always.
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    Lol he's always been like that, its not a bug
  • Sabretooth is not registering persistent charges at all for mea1sp2dboypbx.jpg
  • @Ali_Mac reset game and uninstall, reninstall.. had to do same for cg
  • Hello,

    We are investigating the issue with persistent charges not displaying. If you are experiencing that issue please report it in this thread using the template provided. This will help us as we look into the issue.
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