When will we find out more about Doc Oc/Green Goblin/Shocker?



  • Yellsome wrote: »
    there is space for mysterio too btw

    Or Mephisto, both of which would be awesome.

    If M for Mephisto, B could be for Blackheart
  • I swear there isn't 120 champs on that poster lol
  • Viper1987Viper1987 Posts: 728
    Yellsome wrote: »
    Banshee,blade or bullseye after black widow..and boy someone owes me if I get any of these right

    I always assumed that spot would be Bullseye.
    Yellsome wrote: »
    probably the space between hawkeye and hood could be hela..and the space after gr could be gladiator hulk..these two characters might be released in November..thor:ragnarok update probably

    I know it's very unlikely, but I like to keep hope alive that the spot after Hawkeye is Heimdall.
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    [/list]Sorry if I'm being stupid here..but shouldn't moon knight and mordo come before the two mrs marvels?
  • YellsomeYellsome Posts: 485
    oh yeah its ms marvel I get it
  • YellsomeYellsome Posts: 485
    Ok guys this is what I predict

    Spot after black widow:Blade/Bullseye/Blackheart
    Spot After Ghost rider:Gladiator Hulk
    Spot after Hawkeye:Hela/Heimdall
    Spot after king groot:Kingpin/Kraven the hunter
    Spot after magneto:Medusa
    Spot before kamala:Mephisto
    Spot after ms marvel:Mister Sinister/Misty Night/Mockingbird
    Spot after Mordo:Mysterio,Namor
    These are my guesses so don't kill me If I missed anything
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