Alliance Treasury.

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With the treasury holding a ton of gold, battle chips, and loyalty (for AQ and AW), I was thinking to implement an auto donate system to the treasury. Set up how much gold, chips and loyalty you want to donate each week, and on schedule, the treasury will auto take the preset amount. If you don't have enough of one resource, it won't take any other ones till you have enough for it to auto donate.
Also put another rank in alliance besides leader, member and officer. Have an alliance treasurer. He will be in charge of alliance finances, receiving in-game notifications when people have reached or missed the deadline for gifting to treasury. He will also be given the authority by the leader to gift a total limit of 100,000 gold, 20,000 battle chips, and 5,000 loyalty to alliance members. It will be sent out en masse. Any resource that the members do not use that was part of the gifting from alliance treasury (also add a separate resource screen that lists how much of that resource is left to use) within 24 hours will be returned to the treasury. This giving from the alliance treasury will have a cool-down of 24-48 hours. ONLY the alliance treasurer can initiate this, and it has to be check-marked by the leader before it can take effect.


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