R5 Captain ww2 or Hulk?

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Guys, thanks to the special events, I have enough science t4cc to rank5 either cap ww2 (sig20) or hulk (sig 40). He would be my first science r5, I already have hyperion and gwenpool as r5.
Would you please help me which one is better in aw and aq map5?
Ps: I could also rank unduped YJ 5 star to 3/45 but I don't really love fighting with him.

R5 Captain ww2 or Hulk? 45 votes

Captain ww2 (sig 20)
CrusherOfDreamsLagmelongtimeVavasourBearz_RuleAlfa_PigeonMikeHockTimone147CapWW2Deadbyrd9I_ZERO_Ivg2782cvnVartoxTayTay_1063ChopinAsLexThawnimRichiesDad79Captain_MaimRotellyFabi 23 votes
Hulk (sig 40)
Bigdrail93KpatrixNo_More_HeroesKronos987654321Noob_2yrsSlySlyHULK_BREAKSmokinSurferdjmindblazerTheSOURAFel_95_solidsnakeTensioAppleisgodSpeedbumpHazerfaceIrakliBreynolds11HoidCosmereSummonerB2 21 votes
Another option...
TheMageHunter 1 vote


  • Hulk (sig 40)
    Hulk destroys everything in AQ. I don't know about AW cause I always use him in AQ so he isn't available in AW but I imagine the results would be the same, he annihilates everything. The cool thing about hulk is if you slip up and the AI smashes you, that's cool cause he gets even stronger and you deal even more damage. He can control a lot of the fight by stunning his opponents for most of the match while you pummel them to death. And of course poison immune. Best buff of a champ by Kabam...ever.
  • MikeHockMikeHock Posts: 854
    Captain ww2 (sig 20)
    WW2 is amazing. I honestly can't believe more people have voted for Hulk. WW2 helped to get me through Road to LoL, AQ, AW and any special event challenge. Want to defeat Vulture in the Webslinger Challenge? Duped WW2 will take zero block damage.
  • TrumpootTrumpoot Posts: 178
    cant speak to WW2, since i don't have him.

    Everything @No_More_Heroes said is true.

    If I take Mystic path in AQ Map 5, i play hulk like i did when i was a beginner player. SMASH SMASH SMASH. typically don't even bait, because by the time they just about to reach their L3, I have stun locked them and finish them off with a heavy. (btw, in map 5, phase 2 the mystic path is poison...oh wait...hulk immune!!)

    in short. he is FUN!!!

    Also, he does great against dormammu this season.

    On another note. I also take him to AW, as attacker, when Magik is the Boss. he has no way to block the limbo damage, but he has a TON of health, and does a LOT of damage before he goes down.

  • Captain ww2 (sig 20)
    Just a simple fact that WW2 isn't available in 5* I will rank his 4* to r5.
  • SmokinSurferSmokinSurfer Posts: 1,055
    Hulk (sig 40)
    I take Hulk to war and AQ and love him. I got and awoke him as a 5*. He is great, but also so is WW2.
  • MagrailothosMagrailothos Posts: 821
    Well this was interesting for me, as currently asking the exact same question about taking my first science champ to R5.

    Also, no on mentioned YJ - not really any contest unless duped, but does have his uses thanks to direct damage Vs Safeguard nodes.
    Hulk (sig 40)

    chain SP1 and stun until KO

    plus have poison immunity
  • ThawnimThawnim Posts: 1,336
    Captain ww2 (sig 20)
    It's personal preference I think. We would not be having this discussion three months ago before Hulk was improved. Honestly if you have a good enough attack team maybe r5 Hulk for defense. Otherwise Cappy WW2 will help you on attack.
  • Deadbyrd9Deadbyrd9 Posts: 3,240
    Captain ww2 (sig 20)
    I think cap is the best science champ but if you run poison paths in aq then do hulk
  • SmokinSurferSmokinSurfer Posts: 1,055
    Hulk (sig 40)
    5 minutes left in AQ today, day 5 full completion week of Map 5's, i pulled over my car and smacked the life out of Dorm with Hulk starting the fight with only 4500 health. Also consider that they all but removed Parry from AQ, maybe the game entirely, so Cap does help with block damage until they figure that out. Sneak in more Diminishing returns on block proficiency. Hulk can eat the block damage and get stronger though.
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