Class Advantage

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I think it's really cool how Kabam has created each class to counter another. It may not be obvious at first but in general, each class is equipped with certain abilities that counter the class that it has an advantage over.

Mutants have high special damage (gambit, bishop, emma use prowess/storm has sig/collosus uses armor/domino uses lucky and unlucky), resistance/immunity to bleed (beast, oml, domino, or, collosus, plus class mastery), and a lot of raw damage output. All of these traits counter skill champs, who have little physical resistance and rely on bleed.

Skill champs are known best for ability accuracy reduction (gwenpool, bw, cb, elektra, tm, kingpin, etc.), bleed, evade countering (av, karnak, km, plus the aa reducers), and debuff shrugging (blade, av, kingpin, cb, tm). This counters science, which often have reducible defensive abilities such as evade/electro's static shock/debuffs (void, quake, fixit, antman, luke cage) and are vulnerable to bleed (bypasses the high base attributes and physical resistance of science champs).

Science champs are mostly defensive in nature but are also endowed with strong base abilities and physical resistance. They are less reliant on buffs, and place a lot of non-dot debuffs/passives (fatigue, exhaustion, armor break, stun, concussion, power sting, weakness, petrify, etc.). Many feature evade (spiderman, gwen, miles, wasp, quake) or other defensive abilities (electro, rhino, glancing, etc.). Strong attributes and no buffs counter the mystic class, which generally don't hit that hard and are mostly used for utility.

Mystic champs are focused mostly on power control (magik, dorm, doctor voodoo, gr, hood), power gain (mystic dispersion, mordo, ds, ss), and of course buff control (nullify, stagger, fate seal, buff steal, etc.). Some champs feature energy resistance (voodoo, mordo, jf). A lot of their damage output comes from direct damage instead of physical damage (dorm soul leech, magik limbo and sp1, gr damnation, mordo soul barb, voodoo spirit venom/power burn, ms sp2, hood stagger). This effectively counters cosmics, who are very reliant on buffs and power.

Cosmic champs all feature the use of one or more buff. Most popular are fury (hype, medusa, drax, marvels, proxima, champion) and cruelty (corvus, gamora, bb), but many have all sorts (angela, heimdall, venom, carnage, groot). They are also good at bypassing armor, resistances, or evade (via true damage/strike, armor break, class mastery). Many are reliant on power and special attacks (hype,marvels, corvus, proxima) and others do not need special damage at all (angela, heimdall, marvels). Good at countering the heavy armor of tech champs.

Techs are similar to mystics in that they are focused on utility, although they also surprisingly have three of the hardest hitting champs in game (sparky, sl, ghost). Utility contains power drain (visions, sparky, sl, kang, cw) or power limitation (collar tech, yondu, punisher, iwim, doc ock, gg, vulture). Almost all tech have some sort of armor. Many can also heal block (visions, doc ock, iwim, yondu, cw, punisher, sentinel, ultron). Since a lot are robots, they have a lot of double immunes (visions, ultrons, nebula, sentinel). Power control and immunities are a good counter to mutant specials and bleed.

I'm not quite sure why I typed this. Anyways, it's a good illustration of how class advantage doesn't just refer to the inherent attack/health bonus; each class is also specifically equipped to counter the next in some sort of way.
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