Freezing, ai taking control

PiviotPiviot Posts: 565 ★★
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Look I know I got old devices, iPad 2 mini, and iPhone 7 but taking control of ppls charecters is a design in the game

I can understand the freezing and lag, what I don’t get is when my guy is attacking when all I’m touching is the left side of the device to block and it tries punching,

I freeze up to up to 5s(usually 2 or less) at start of fight(I’d say 10% of my matches)

The computer trying to play for me is every other fight, which lasts about 3s

In all aspects of the game, aq,aw,arena, quests

And no I don’t have auto fight on or even get near the button to even have the computer think I am(let alone turn off 3s later)
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