Upcoming Fixes: Killmonger, Force of Will, Ægon, and Champion

edited November 2018 in Bugs and Known Issues

We have a number of Character fixes coming to you tomorrow morning! Here is the list:

- Fixed an issue where Champion was triggering Danger Sense, even though he is not tagged as a "Villain"
- Fixed an issue where the timer for Primal Fury in the Champion's kit was tagged as a Buff, and was triggering Mystic Dispersion
- Fixed an issue where Ægon was triggering Mystic Dispersion when being hit by any attack
- Fixed an issue where Killmonger was not receiving any damage from effects such as Degeneration or Limbo while he has an Indestructible Charge
- Fixed an issue where Domino was bypassing Force of Will's immunity to Ability Accuracy Reduction

We plan to have these live in game at approximately 10 am PST tomorrow (November 15) morning.
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