Dexterity procs twice

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I've been noticing this ever since you updated the Dexterity mastery, but only since the Ultron quest started did I start to actually take stock of this.

When you proc Dexterity, you're actually proccing it twice.

The first time is when you actually dodge the attack. That's obviously as intended and perfectly normal. However, there seems to be a separate proc when you then follow up and land a hit, when the timer actually starts rolling.

Normally, this isn't a problem, but there's a few instances where it is.

1. Dormammu. If Dex is proccing twice, that means double the odds that you'll get Degenerated from Dexterity. As that is extremely lethal in later quests and AW miniboss nodes, I felt it needed to be brought up because this seems like an unfair disadvantage on a champion that already punishes liberal Dexterity use. It's even possible to get Degenerated twice from the same Dexterity.

2. Stagger. If you proc Dexterity, and then get Staggered, your Dex will be staggered immediately upon landing a hit if it is up. Not a huge deal, it only minutely affects Mystic Dispersion and Symbiote Supreme damage timing and is a very minor issue.

But the third, and much more important one related to the new quests....

3. Pilfer. Pilfer is an extremely frustrating global and local node in the Ultron quests, but it's even more frustrating realizing that Pilfer basically gets DOUBLE the chance to steal your Dexterity and, more importantly, gain 20% power. When you're trying to bait champs, Pilfer is a node that can make that tough, basically granting a chance on your next Dex to lose it and give your opponents free power, which can lead to unwanted specials. But if you dodge a special, then go in to strike them, it has a second chance to be Pilfered. Again, this seems unfair. I procced Dex only once-why do they get double the odds to steal it, when only Regeneration is supposed to have increased odds?

It's not a game-breaking bug and works fine under most circumstances, but in the two I listed above it is broken and should be looked at.


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    This is definitely something that needs to be looked into, regardless of how old this post is. Pilfer having the ability to trigger twice because of the change to the dexterity mastery is definitely an issue. Also, not only that, but with champs like Venom and VTD, they can have multiple buffs pilfered, staggered, or buffeted away, rather than only one at a time. Unless there is something I am misinformed on, it should be looked into.
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    Ohey, I posted this eight months ago.

    Point still stands-still hasn't been fixed, either.
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    YoMoves said:

    Ohey, I posted this eight months ago.

    Point still stands-still hasn't been fixed, either.

    You can’t fix something if it isn’t broken
    Try fighting a Burden of Might node, prox Dexterity, then hit the enemy.

    You will be power drained twice.
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    Yes I forgot about burden of might! Very annoying and frustrating
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    Looks like I need to add that under Burden of Might, when fighting with King Groot, he loses one of his fury debuffs when power drained from an expiring dexterity precision buff. I know for a fact that’s not supposed to happen.
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    They announced this as intended when they adjusted MD and Dexterity. It was done so the mystic class wasn't completely destroyed by the changes.

    I don't know if the post is still out there but will try and find it
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