Looking for new alliace gold one or better


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    Lormif, they closed down the thread you commented on so I'll reply here- yes it was a small sample size but with such a supposedly high drop rate you don't need as big a sample size to get a semi valid result. Basically it was the same as getting zero out of 110 crystals at a 5% drop. Also, its naive to think that kabam WOULDN'T alter drop rates. While I'm not saying they do it on a regular basis, in this particular case they would have much to gain from even minor changes to the rate. While technically you are right that its it's a shard crystal, not a unit deal, by lowering the odds, it means people would need to make more tries to get blade. And conveniently, they've decided to offer deals, for actual money, that provide shards in order to give more "chances" to pull blade.
    Finally, my last 2 lines were tongue in cheek jokes. My statements were no more an explanation of odds then the other stupid analogies or explanations miike and other posters were giving.
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