Upcoming Champ Buffs?

So I was bored one day... searched up “kabam” in the account searcher thing. Found.... this.

Obviously, these are some pretty bad champs. Another thing too, though, is that they all have relatively low prestige. So this isn’t just a test account with all the champs. Then it would have a thrags profile... so this brings me to me question.

What do you guys think this is? My theory is a potential buff account.


  • ZeezoosZeezoos Posts: 103
    These Kabam test accounts all had a new, unreleased champ as their top champ.When it became common knowledge (ie. people were duelling them to make the new quest boss easier) the top champ got changed to Hulkbuster (it’s been this way for quite a good few months now). I’d love HB to get a buff, but I don’t think this suggests he will.
  • Ah, I see. Maybe just the fact that kabam knows that they’re bad and put them on that profile is progress though.
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