Any interest in a Holiday-ish meetup in Orlando/Tampa area?

Title says it all. If there are some folks that would be interested in getting together before the holidays and connect as a community, we can hammer down a date.

The resident foul-mouther ginger youtuber who is actually a nice dude in public.


  • crystaldsmithcrystaldsmith Posts: 474 ★★
    I live close to Tampa Bay. I would definitely be open to a hang out
  • CallmelaFleurCallmelaFleur Posts: 216
    I'm in Tampa Palms Crystal! There are a handful of us in the area. Hit me up on LINE - CallmelaFleur
  • MuteWitnessMuteWitness Posts: 145
    I’d be interested. I’m just north of Tampa in Land O Lakes
  • crystaldsmithcrystaldsmith Posts: 474 ★★
    @CallmelaFleur just saw this! Having a hard time finding you on line. Can you try to find me? "Crystaldsmith" is my line ID
  • AlexFey95AlexFey95 Posts: 14
    Any of you down in Miami?
  • username92847username92847 Posts: 293
    Im interested. Why not.
    live in N Tampa & work in St. Pete

    flyingenigma is my line id
  • newwavedavenewwavedave Posts: 9
    I’m in the Trinity area and I have someone else in my alliance from the Holiday area. Hit me up on Line app. Newwavedaveusa
  • ElykWremElykWrem Posts: 3
    Ocala, here. I'd be down. I'm in Miami a lot, too.
  • WulfeyeWulfeye Posts: 7
    Lakeland area.... met up with CallmeLafleur before he moved off to KC.
  • I reside in Orlando. I would interested in meet up. I would to have someone show in person how the fudge to use Quake. 😅🙄.
  • Skydad23Skydad23 Posts: 269 ★★★
    Let’s make this happen
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