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Incremental EQ Rewards

Hey there,

So I was going through uncollected Event Quest and I was reminded about how much I hate running the same quest multiple times only to be rewarded with lower level iso. First time completion rewards are good and fully exploring gives great rewards... but the multiple runs in between are depressing. While it is nice to be able to sell this iso for gold to rank up my champs I pondered why not have incremental rewards for completion. Maybe like each run through will give you a smaller portion of similar rewards. Rewards such as:

Heroic giving you an additional 200 3* shards or 100 4* shards.
Master giving you an additional 200 4* shards or 360 T4Basic Shards
Uncollected giving you an additional 150 5* Shards or 450 T5Basic Shards or 360 T2Alpha Shards

While the incremental rewards aren't staggering or jaw dropping it would help. It would provide for the player base more ways to increase their champion base and increase their rank. Right now I feel like a large portion of the player base could benefit by pushing for more then just 1 time clearing master or uncollected and for end game players it would provide a very small added boost to their rewards.

So those are my thoughts, thanks for reading, and if you have the time commenting.


  • Avengers320Avengers320 Posts: 517 ★★
    your only supposed to get two rewards: first time completion rewards and exploration rewards, the iso are just bonus so be thankful,
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