4.3 Mil Alliance Looking for 2 loyal players. Advanced Tier AQ.

Who: Legends of Tomorrow (LTMRW)
AQ: Alliance Quest Maps 3 with Map 4/5 (Advanced Tier)
AW: Constant
Minimum: 100k
Line Required

LTMRW is currently a 28/30 Alliance that is very much-so a "real life comes first" group of adults who play and communicate (via Line) every single day. We are EXTREMELY organized and chill but are all about progressing our rosters and Alliance. If you're looking for an Alliance that will be here for years to come look no further. LTMRW has been going strong for 9 months and we're only getting stronger.

We accept members from all over the globe as well.

As the Leader of LTMRW I have set our motto simply as "Communicate, communicate, participate". Life happens, sh!t happens, we win, we lose, but we play hard - which is why we are doing awesome as a group.

If you're interested reach out to myself or an Officer in-game or on Line for more detail and Q&A.

- JDawggS316

- Dubot
- Schmurgle
- Ashi 77
- SRTified
- SoDakJKU
- Toddalbs
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