A Quick Note About Our YouTube Policy

Hey Summoners!

We’ve seen some comments floating around regarding a recent take-down of a YouTuber’s video. We wanted to quickly confirm for the community that we did not submit a takedown request for this video.

As a reminder, there are many community members that have made videos publicly criticizing our offers or even going as far as to personally insult employees. Even in these instances, we have not yet intervened. The one area where we have submitted reports to YouTube is when we encounter videos that share hacking methods or cheats that would undermine The Contest.

Allowing and encouraging constructive criticism is important to us here at Kabam - it’s how we grow and learn. One of the core tenants of our formal Content Creator Program is that all creators participating in it still have the option to voice their concerns, frustration or feedback related to The Contest if they choose to. This freedom extends to all community members even outside of the formal Content Creator Program.

While we may moderate our forums or online spaces for non-constructive feedback - situations where insults, swearing or conspiracy theories are included - there is still plenty of space for players to voice their thoughts to us and to each other, and we will always allow a space for such discourse to occur.
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