Cheated by AQ MAP2 again today!

Similar to what happened to me a while back (in a previous post) had another disappointing glitch earlier today. Playing map 2 with Alliance, one member took on mini-boss #2 (second cyclops team blue on the map). First fight knocked Champion out but got the mini-boss down to under 20% health..... other Alliance member took a crack at him and voila! like magic! Cyclops had full health again (like the first fight never happened). Had to take him out at the expense of another team members health (lost like 95% health in the "repeat / glitched fight"). Add to this that the game disconnected earlier on the map when trying to enter a fight so when it reconnected the quest stole half of that champions health...... not happy at all. ............. mcoc memory leaks on android persist as well (seems less often and less severe though) so periodic device restarts are still needed. Ugh.... happy black Friday all.
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