Who to rank up? Mystic 4*, Killmonger 4*, Proxima 4*?

Help with strategy.
I'm level 44 and just half way through Act 4.

My current roster is:
4* Quake 4/40
4* Mystic 3/30
4* Killmonger 3/30
4* Proxima 3/30
4* Guillotine 3/30
4* Iron Patriot 3/30
4* Black Panther 3/30
Other 4* are Superior IM, Sentinel, Nightcrawler, Mephisto, Venompool, Sentry, Falcon.
None of my 4* are dupped.

I also have a maxed and dupped Iceman 3* that I use.

I'm expecting enough shards for my first 5* crystal at the end of this month.

I only have enough 4Tier Catalyst to upgrade 1 Champion to 4/40.

What should I do?


  • Hector_1475Hector_1475 Posts: 401 ★★
    Proxima is amazing and should be your priority. I also have her at R3, while Killmonger is at R4, while I explore Act 4. He is fantastic as well, but Proxima even at R3 pretty much solos it all out. I plan to take her soonest to R4.
  • OshieOshie Posts: 28
    That was my original plan until I pulled KM and Mystic. Those 2 seem to get more hype than Proxima and KM seems to be able to take a lot of Lvl 3 Special attack damage than either, so I thought they were supposed to be better choices. I'm still learning the details of the game as I've just been playing blindly and on my own for several months. Your comments also make sense! Thank you!
  • Jestr54Jestr54 Posts: 345
    I got both, KM is amazing to be honest. On war defense he always gets me kills, power gain node, and on quests he always comes thru. Helped me get uncollected
  • AsterFreya13AsterFreya13 Posts: 20
    Hey, I feel ya! I'm almost half way in Act 4. But I like Killmonger the most. I like to utilize his True Strike buff and I can say he's an awesome champ to play with!
  • OshieOshie Posts: 28
    Thanks guys. I'm still leaning towards KM, but it's not certain. I'm hoping that my first 5* will make the decision easy for me....
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