Gold 3 -- Map 544 - AR - 8,367,195 -- looking for 4-5 new members....(very active)

Frivolousz21Frivolousz21 Posts: 336 ★★
edited November 2018 in Alliance Recruitment
Hello children of Kabam.

I am frivolousz21 of the alliance (-aoj-) Avengers of Justice.

We are an active alliance. However we have a few members who are not active enough and are slowing down the progress we would like to have.

We typically reach 45 million in AQ.

But would like to raise that to 60+ million asap.

We would also like to finish GOLD 1 next season.

We typically run 544 or 444. But with the right members we can run 555.

Our alliance leader is Griff2019.

Requirements are level 50 with a 125K rating.

We don't care what you prestige is. You can come grow with is not for us.

Weekly donations are 50K gold, 6000 BCS, and 6000 loyalty.

It's request only so if you are interested then go ahead and join up ASAP.

Or after this war season.

Good hunting.


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