Medusa or Corvus

Which 4* Cosmic Champ should I be taking to Rank 5?

I had always planned for it to be Medusa (who is now sig level 99), but then I got Corvus Glaive, and duped him (sig level 40).

I always use Medusa on AW defense, so strengthening her would be great, but Corvus as an AW/AQ attacker... wow, that's tempting. I keep going back and forth... help!

Feel free to discuss.

Medusa or Corvus 18 votes

4* Medusa (sig level 99)
SnakeEyes69SpeedbumpDuke_SilverspktobalaAvengers320SidDDragonNBSAIMbizzDr_Taint24 9 votes
4* Corvus Glaive (sig level 40)
TonyStarkKing_L0kiB34rMagnataurGeneralBradleyFhfjghhggggjfhfjgFooshblalalaChuckiesolPrasannaGamePlayWorldjr 9 votes


  • 4* Corvus Glaive (sig level 40)
    corvus is better 4* medusa has like 60% to auto block and 5* has around 90% and corvus doesnt need to be awakened to be god
  • spktobalaspktobala Posts: 41
    4* Medusa (sig level 99)
    I will say medusa if u want one but I will take both of them to rank 5
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