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Unofficial Vote: Future Champs Most Requested by the Community


Fellow MCOC players have created a Ranker list of potential future champs, each with potential class and playable features.


• Feel free to add champs we're currently missing from the list.
• Vote deep on the list! Note that you have to hit a button to expand the list past #100. Those champs need love, too!
• The list is frequently updated as of the end of 2018, so don't forget to circle back occasionally!

Things to discuss in this thread include agreement or disagreement about how certain champs could be used or classed. Enjoy, and thanks for participating!

Disclaimer: This message links to an unofficial fan forum, which is neither an official Kabam or Marvel publication, nor in collaboration with either company. The Marvel brand, character names and images, and Kabam's brand and images displayed on the Ranker list linked above are fair use, not for personal gain, and are designed simply to serve the MCOC gamer community and serve as voluntary promotional content creation by Summoners in enthusiastic support of the game and to entertain fellow Summoners. The people who created this list do not work for Ranker or its parent, subsidiary, or advertising partner companies.
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