RedSkull Why Did Kabam Failed To Make Him A Worthy Rank Up Champion ? and What To Improve ?

issamaf80issamaf80 Posts: 1,479 ★★★
First Of I Really Like The Design Of RedSkull And He's Animation A Really Great And He's Fun Too , You Guys At Kabam Made a Fantastic Job With He's Animation And He's Design , But What's The Problem With RedSkull ?

Some Of He's Abilities Are Kind Weak

1- He's Armor Up Buffs Need To Be Passive = If You Did This Idea He Won't Be Mystic Class Champion Food AnyMore Just Like You Did To Iron Man Infinity War

2-Hes shock Are Weak and The Only Source Of RedSkull Damage = Make He's Shock Damage Like Stark Spidey And Make He's Shock Limit 10 instead Of 5 and He's Sp 1 Hits Should Refresh Jes Shock Instead Of The Last Hit

3- His Base a State Are Kind Disappointing = Make He's HealthPool Better And Give Him For Every Armor Up Buff = 15 % Attack Damage and 300 Critical Rate And Damage

I Hope That The Designers Team At Kabam Use Some Of My Idea I Feel Like Mcoc Community Have Been Hyped For Him But At The End We All Disappointed To See Him With This kind Of States And I Hope You Improve Him To Be A Worthy Rank Up Champion


  • GmonkeyGmonkey Posts: 1,650 ★★★★
    So I R5’d him in beta he is terrible would rather use my R4 champs. Really missed the mark, just hits too soft and the shock on a heavy intercept is nice but you will get pummeled 3/4 times you attempt it. Hopefully he gets a rework like sentry. May rank up colussus to compare.
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