5.3k Player is searching for an alliance

Hello everybody,

Currently, I'm searching for an alliance with a focus on real life and fun.
I prefer to play AW and AQ. Donations are obligatory.

My profile you can check inside the game : Harry_71

Current prestige: a little more than 5,3k

ON-times: at least 3-5 times a day

Just to avoid any uncomfortable situation... I hate events. So I will not play duels, because it's boring and I don't believe anymore in Premium Crystals...So, for what? Completion I only play when a new event quest is running at the same time.
On the other hand I do there a real "0", with the result that I also do not participate at these rewards. I think this is fair.

Your alliance should play AQ Map5x5 and possibly there 3x100%. Map6 I already tried and decided that I can't spend the time in grinding for the needed donations. For AW I don't have any expectations.

Last point: I'm from Germany. So it could happen that I play when you are sleeping and visa versa.

I hope I have nothing forgotten to mention here

I'm looking forward to your responses.

Feel free to contact me here, on Line or in-game... In-game the chance to reach me is much better than here.
Line-ID: -tazz-


  • MossyQMossyQ Posts: 3
    messaged you on line Mossymmab

    I think I have found your new home :)
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