Is Ironman Infinity War worth ranking up?

He's my seemingly best 4* Tech. I just pulled him from a free premium crystal (call it lucky).
My roster is all 4* rank 4s right now. Trying to complete chapter 1 of Champion Clash for the awakening gem. I doubt I can complete chapter 2.


  • OshieOshie Posts: 28
    Ah ****.....double post again due to lag. Mods, please delete.
  • MrBanksMrBanks Posts: 769 ★★★
    Champions clash chapter 1 is easy to complete, hard to explore round 4. So don’t get excited over that AG unless u have units to spend on revives

    Other than that yes, IMIW is absolutely worth ranking
  • Iron Man Infinity War is terrific, especially if you're in an alliance that runs Alliance War. He's a primo defender.

    Congrats on pulling him from a prem. I grinded the arena twice to get him and dupe him.
  • OshieOshie Posts: 28
    Thanks guys!
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