9.5 million alliance looking for an active guy open to playing map 6...

We are an AQ focused group.. with AW as our second priority and no other event requirements.. currently we are at a prestige of 4700+ and improving on that.. looking for an active guy with a prestige around 4600+ and open to playing map 6.. map 6 being planned to be played on this week or the next.. contact me in game..

In game ID - Roy505


  • roy505roy505 Posts: 90
    Still looking for 1
  • roy505roy505 Posts: 90
    Looking for 2 new guys after the end of today's AQ.. IGN - Roy505
  • roy505roy505 Posts: 90
    looking for 1 more before next AQ starts.. at a rating of 9.7 million and 4730+ prestige..
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