Basic attacks overhaul for everyone!

Epsilon3Epsilon3 Posts: 1,138 ★★★
Is it just me or should a lot of champions have added effects from their basic attacks.

A LOT of champions would benefit from point blank repulser bursts, gut shots, and even magic hits

Voodoo, P2099, Cable, just to name a few already have energy effects added to their attacks, Ironmen besides Infinity are begging to let loose a little first full of BOOM, and Hood… good qualifies for projectile and energy effects

Plus we could revamp the heavy attack as a concept with some of guys. Cyclops could do an “emp web” style energy shot/projectile that would have a boosted attack rating per enemy armor break. The EMP web could be classified as a projectile, guys like punisher, winter Soldier, even the Shield barring Captains (Steve Rogers pre-infinity) could incorporate their weapons more into their fighting styles. I’m not saying every single champion needs to be domino/Yondu but letting them mix-up their attacks. A few extra guys have basic attacks that bypass contact, penetrate a little more armor, chance to bleed, have more of an edge against adaptive than others, interact more with resistances, maybe even have slightly added abilities like “hood’s pistols shoot energy projectiles and don’t classify as contact, if this attack causes stagger it places 2 instead” or having winter Soldier’s Current ammo load out affect his 2nd and 3rd light attacks with added passive incinerate damage, armor piercing or a small amount of fatigue for hollow point

There is so much that’s not being done with new mechanics that it’s baffling to not have a fully developed combat system that helps slow down the escalation of power creep just a bit which kinda plays into how immunities and new debuffs are NEVER considered for old champs. Rocket, War Machine and even Patriot would DEFINITY have incinerate. Even Hawkeye should by most accounts have backup Shock and Incinerate specials similar to Elektra
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