14M/Gold1 free to play alliance recruiting 2 players

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About us.

We are a group of players who are active, competitive but play for fun and have lives outside the game. We are looking for 2 players who can clear a path including the mini boss in aw tiers 6 to 8.

Alliance war: 7m points barrier | gold1 rewards for s6.

We were Gold1 in seasons 4 and 5. You need to join war within 2 hours of its starting which will be around 20:00 GMT. You also need to move up and communicate when you take out linked nodes.

We have 2 UK/Euro Bgs where players are GMT 0 to +2 and a USA team where players are -5 To -9 GMT (EST,CST,PST)

We run AW with full diversity and assigned paths. Most wars will be tiers 6 and 7. Maybe some tier 5.

AQ: 57m points | 2200 to 2800 rank rewards

We run 55333 in bg1. 53333 in the other two bgs. Donations are 33k gold 8k bc and 3k loyalty. Again we just look for players to join promptly.

Events. 400 to 500k in SA | tier 12 rewards

The ask is for players to hit 15k in 3 day and 1,5k in item use.

Requirements are:
+ Can clear a path in aw up to minis at tiers 6-8 (trying to avoid tiers 5 and up)
+ 35k defense
+ stay active and use line app.
+ Not joining aw or aq promptly is kick able
+ as is not respecting team mates.

Add me on line. ID badboyboo


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