Act 5.2.6, The Collector

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I hate everything about this quest. One path in particular (path D) really sucks, with each fight having unblockable attacks below 25% health. Now this alone would annoying, but you also have to keep Bane in check. Finally, each and every fight is a royal pain in the arse. You've got either Spider-man (classic) or kang to start off with, then Iron Patriot, Superior Iron Man, Deadpool, Deadpool (X-force), Punisher, Hulk, Iceman, Scarlet Witch, and finally, the Collector himself (spidey/kang, iceman, sw, and collector dont have node). Each of s these fights is total bs.
IP, tricky sp1 to avoid and arc overloads while he is unblockable.
SIM, arc overloads while unblockable.
DP, big regen while unblockable.
DPXF, powergains right before unblockable.
Now, so far these fights are really hard, but doable. Where it gets downright infuriating is at punisher, who has I believe an 85% chance to endure, plus his specials cannot be avoided, and when they're unblockable, you just die. Even with sparky, I'll try to dexterity and hope he can evade the rest of the special, but so far 3/4 times I've gotten clipped once, got bane and a bleed and quickly died.
Then there's hulk, another annoying sp1 and if you get hit once while he's unblockable, you're dead because he gets more and more damage the lower his hp.
Now I know there are a few solutions to iceman's coldsnap these days, but the whole reasons I'm even trying to explore this quest is to get that t4 cc and pray for a tech for IM IW (last week i opened 7 t4 cc crystals and 400+ frag crystals, only got 1.5/3 tech cats. I did get 7 cosmic and 6 mutant tho, yay). So that's an instant -20% hp.
SW's poison got me at least twice, but I don't have any good poison immune champs to fight the collector.

Does anyone have any advice for this path or the quest as a whole? Am I crazy or does this seem stupid difficult to anyone else?
(The team i've been using is 4/55 blade (unawakened), 5/50 GR, 5/50 sparky, 5/50 voodoo, 3/45 proxima (unawakened), I've also tried with a combo of above and 4/40 og DD, 5/50 medusa, 2/35 Im Iw (unawakened).


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    Hello I have done the exact path you are talking about to get to collector about a month ago so I think i may be able to give you some insight. Basically, I used these champs:





    HULK - MAGIK (ROLE REVERSAL) or Starky (I don't remember which I used.

    Anyway, you will be able to clear most with AA for that particular path and with the Neurotoxin and bleed + poison, you won't have to worry about unblockable at 25% or lower health except for Iceman and Hulk.

    Oh! GET at least 3/5 assassin mastery!! It really helps.

    Try it!!
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    Yeah I wouldn’t take that path. I tried it at first but failed horribly. I tried the power steal or something like that path. With Kang and Magik and so forth. Path was easy but collector... rumors are true about him.
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