Casual Alliance [H___F] needs more members

[H___F] has 10 slots available for additional members or a group looking to stick together.

Our goal is to have two active BGs running AQ Map 5 and AW and let the third BG be free/open for members on vacation/burnout or want to temporarily focus on story/event content. We’re also allied with a competitive alliance, [CVX], as a wait-list option for tougher AQ/AW game play.

Donations are rather minimal to keep at least one (or two BGs) running Map 5 but otherwise we have no event requirements.

Most of us current members are from a previous Gold 1 alliance with ratings between 300 - 600K but we’re happy to accept anyone who wants to grow.

Check out the [H___F] tag for more alliance info and find me in-game (cesar_79) or on Line (cmorales79) if you’re interested.



  • CeMoCeMo Posts: 7
    Still looking for more!
  • CeMoCeMo Posts: 7
    Spots still available, come join us!
  • CeMoCeMo Posts: 7
    Still have spots open! Come join us, especially if you need an alliance that doesn’t require a rigorous AQ/AW schedule during the holiday season!
  • CeMoCeMo Posts: 7
    Just need a couple more—come join us!
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