21.1 confusion

So I've been seeing quite a few posts about the game being very buggy after the new patch that just came out, and the weird thing is for me on an old walmart android galaxy Luna pro the game is performing flawlessly. By far the best it's ever been, the last few patches I was getting long long loading screens, dropped inputs, random force closes where the game just shuts off and reverts me back to my home screen. Worst of all for the entire last patch my champs would sometimes just stop in the middle of a combo and just stand there for a few seconds doing nothing . This would obv lead to getting wrecked. I've been playing heavily since the patch dropped and have been getting very fast loading screens and smooth, responsive, lag free gameplay. So I guess what I'm wondering is how can these patches flip flop between players from good to bad each update? Is it simply device related and each device reacts differently from player to player? I just wonder if there's issues shouldn't it be with the code rather then the phone it's being played on? Just don't get it, hopefully the game keeps playing for me like it is now and it improves for the people having trouble. I don't miss those dropped inputs I'll tell u that.


  • Different devices will be different for performances, however, we've been working on optimizing the game and are glad to hear it's been going well for you. So yes, a major factor in how the game plays will be based on the device that it is being played on.
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