Art of War (AoWar) - Looking for 1-2

We're a 16.5 million alliance. Gold 1. Play AQ maps 554 daily. (We have some who are loyal, strong but have limited time so Map 4)

Looking for people who can help us gain some solid ground again this season. Had a lot of movement in the alliance during off season and looking for stable, competitive and communicative players. We use Slack, not Line. If this is an issue we're not interested as it's the only app we like to use, sorry.

Mainly UK/USA based but more USA these days. Would really prefer USA/UK/Europe as other timezones cause issues for movement in AQ.

If you are interested please add me.

In game handle is - Skinnyfit

Please also add Ragingtiger or Huntrv8, officers.

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