Arena bracket fix

Okay so I've never posted on the forum before but I've recently had some insight into fixing my biggest problem with this game. So pretty much I've been playing for almost three years. At first it was all about questing and fighting and seeing all the cool marvel characters I could play with. Then arenas were the big focus, and I never really did them because I would try each week and put up a few hundred thousand points, and not even place with how the reward system was set up. Luckily, Kabam fixed that. But along with their fix came the brackets (or at least that's when I remember them coming in). So pretty much at this time, I think I had like four 4*s, and like 15 or 16 three stars, because I never had the best luck with the crystal RNG, and that means I was pretty behind for most people who had been playing for the same amount of time as me, especially since I never got lucky with arena. But since this was pretty far into the time the game had been around, I was immediately placed into veteran bracket. This means I was playing in the same bracket as the highest ranked people in the game, and people who were more than double my rating and number of champs ( I think I was like 50k rating. So the rewards were fixed, but there was no way in hell I could get them. So for like a half year, I used alliances as a crutch and was able to get by, but the people I was playing with were rapidly growing because they were in lower brackets. They suggested starting over, but my side of the story was always "Why would I start over after all the time and hundreds of dollars I've spent?" So pretty much from that time to now I've grown to 101k. That's a decent amount but if you think about it, there are people who have been playing for a half year that are the same rating as me who has almost been playing for THREE YEARS. Most of the people who have been around this long are between 500k and a mil. So pretty much what I'm saying is I get caught in a loop where I'm stuck in the same ditch because I need to advance in story quests, but the champs i need at the level they need to be never roll around because monthly quests and alliances can only do so much. Then there's the question of arena, which I can do but no matter what I'll never get any decent rewards because of the people in my bracket. So to finally get to my point, brackets should be organized by rating, so that you are competing with people around the same rating with around the same number of champs, so that your not looking like me, with my amount of champs, and my rating, competing with people that are like 500k-1mil rating who can throw hours into arena and never make it to the bottom of their champion list. An example of this would be something like:
Bracket 1: 0-5k
Bracket 2: 6-15k
Bracket 3: 16-30k
Bracket 4: 31-49k
Bracket 5: 50-99k
Bracket 6: 100-250k
Bracket 7: 251-350k
Bracket 8: 351-500k
Bracket 9: 501-700k
Bracket 10: 700k-1mil
Bracket 11: 1.1mil+

I get it's not perfect, but something along those lines would make the game experience flow better, and offer a better chance to players like me to advance. Of course It'd take time to implement 11 brackets instead of three, and make maintenance a bit harder for kabam, but in the long run, it'd make the game so much better, and not to mention get me out of this ditch I've been stranded in. Im sure there are other players out there that can vouch for what I'm saying, because at the rate things are at, if you start fresh, you pretty much have to reach level 60 with 300k rating and act 4 completed by the 60 day mark or you're screwed. Please Kabam take my advice and try to implement a bracket system like the one I thought of.


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