Just some beautiful kills

Epsilon3Epsilon3 Posts: 1,138 ★★★
Just a little bit of excitement over some spectacular take downs to encourage a more lively community where we share experiences more often

Power gain/optimist IMIW in war lane 1. Nasty creature on the whole

A swiftly executed UC boss kill. Rage and always gaining physical and energy resistance made it a real work out with Star Lord. Of course Magik was waiting for her turn to simply slaughter the poor Taskmaster

And lastly a sloppy, yet solo’d, boss fight in AW with down to the wire and a clutch KO



  • ClydaniaClydania Posts: 437 ★★
    MY best kill lately was against Aegon last month. Had a bit of a hard time agasnt him and it would be ok using voodoo but i messed up and died. I wouldve revived voodoo instantly but i decided to just try my stark spidey instead. I dealt with the buffet building up 10 poise charges (and now he was fully healed and i was regrettign my descision) Then i went in for damage. I played as if he was parry immune. Then i messed up and i didnt evade. He pushed himself up to a sp3 but i managed to heavy power drain. 1% left. I start my 5 hit combo and launch the special 2 to get as much last minute damage as i could, except.... it wasnt a special 2 it was a special 1. I decided to roll with it. I went for a stun chain. Low on power i relaised he was on his sp3 and my EMP web returned at this exact moment. I fire it off and head back into a 5 hit combo and stun chain. Realising it is my last stun i go for the special 1 and bang. I win. Most satisfying and clutch kill ive ever had.
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