Does DD netflix ignore missed hits (Darkhawk)

So i recently pulled a 5* DD netflix, wasnt happy, but i have seen that OG dd ignores darkhawks missed hits when hes in stealth form, does DD netflix do this aswell?


  • TwmRTwmR Posts: 662 ★★★
    He should do, I've never actualy tested him but the reason classic DD can hit invisibkle opponents should clearly apply to netflix DD too
  • EpistriatusEpistriatus Posts: 1,122 ★★★★
    Yes DD netflix does this as well, he’s just as blind as original DD, unfortunately he doesn’t have the same sig ability.
  • zeezee57zeezee57 Posts: 3,007 ★★★★★
    He does, I used my 2/35 Netflix DD on master level. Just bait that first sp2 and it's just another fight, just a long one since DD doesn't hit hard.
  • DshuDshu Posts: 1,422 ★★★★
    Oh happy days people have a use for unduped 6* dd now
  • JOHNOSA1995JOHNOSA1995 Posts: 536 ★★
    Yeah i used r3 5 star he ignored miss
  • Yeah got off about 50% one try on uc darkhawk with 4/40 did Netflix.
  • MagrailothosMagrailothos Posts: 3,323 ★★★★★
    I've seen Darkhawk stunned as well; which means that DDNF can also break his armour. He's a pretty okay counter; especially if you stack up plenty of breaks for a bit of extra damage.
  • Thanos_CarThanos_Car Posts: 298
    Mitchell35 wrote: »
    Yeah got off about 50% one try on uc darkhawk with 4/40 did Netflix.

    Really? Damn. I might consider r2ing him just for uncollected lol.

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