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With so much things happening this month you think we would get free energy on gold and halls of healing quest but nope bc we summoners have to make a sophies choice this time around or should i say everytime

Monthly Quest...Side Quest later this month then we will have Halls of Healing and Gold- 24 hr interval .

To clarify goes simple as this for refills to complete Monthly EQ then do every HH and Gold not to mention the side quest

2. Sacrifice rewards if you havent completed Event Quest yet to focus on getting potions and gold bc gold is what we all need

Why reward us for supporting this game for 4 yrs yet punish us at the same time for doing a sophies choice....i dont wanna hear saying oh no one is forcing you to do everything as its not mandatory! I would agree given any other month but this month is a big deal for us every year.


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    We don’t even Ikow if it cost energy this time either but let assume it dos but last time the revies didn’t cost energy. But limited to entry 2 times
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    I can do all 3 aq events, (heroic, master, and uncollected), in under 30 days.. I don’t use many units and I wait for energy.. you get a free refill and units.. where’s the units going? Hmm? 25 per 3 days for 30 days? 250 units extra for doing the events is like 9 refills jus for units.. you also get a free refill every 3 days or so so that’s an extra like 9 refills there..

    18 extra refills and you’re still asking for more?

    I didn’t even include the calendar
  • Nothing has been announced yet in terms of Energy cost.
    As for other content, that's where choices come in. We have to make our own choices and prioritize what's important to us. The EQ is open all month, and the Halls run a week. One is more time-sensitive than the other. Hope that helps you make your decision.
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    I complete heroic master and uc within 15 days... Without buying energy refills
  • Why do I have to make Sophies
  • Big A**hole question as we all knew it's going to be halls of healing and fortune week so I already saved energy refills from everywhere and now I have 20+ refills...
    You should remind this from next time. Hahaha
  • This month's EQ is running a week longer if i'm not mistaken. HoH and HoF are only on for a week.....should not have to do one or the other
  • And energy refills could be discounted with their price cut in half
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    People complain all year wanting gold realm. Gold realm shows up, people complain they need energy. You cant make this stuff up.

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    You got 5 free energy refills
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    The energy costs don't bother me much seeing as we're getting 5 free from the anniversary calendar and just had them as the featured sale item today. We also get a few refills a week from 3 day ally events so all things considered it shouldn't leave anyone having to choose between completing the EQ or running halls. Plus the EQ this month runs a bit longer than usual.
  • For 30 units almost 200k gold? Best deal ever.

    You gotta learn how to manage resources. Coz I still dont get how people complain on the last day of the month that monthly quest is down a few minutes before, having them more than a month to complete it
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