Forum rule

Did you guys know that the word “bump” is forbidden? Kinda funny as it just a word to make the thread go back up again than staying in the bottom cause who in the world would want to read 5-10 pages behind. I think the word bump is ok to use for seeking members as an example.


  • Hello there!

    The forum rule against bumping threads with just the word "Bump" is to prevent flooding the forum with a bunch of spam from people just saying bump and nothing else. Basically we just want posters to put at least a little effort in making a post. Take Alliance posts for example instead of just saying "Bump" you can inform other posters how many people you are looking for or that you are still looking for players. For discussion threads we prefer that you continue to add to the conversation at hand and not just bump it while adding nothing.

    For the moment however we will be closing this thread.

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