Gold 1 Season 5 (rk 240), LF for 5 before next AQ

Looking for 5 solid people. Alliance built by Veterans just three months ago, finished Gold 1 (rank 240) going 10-2 last season. We are focused on collective skill, activity and communication. I have completed Act 5 100% and I’m looking for individuals that have similar goals as myself. Currently all our members are uncollected and many elders bane. We are not an inexperienced group. We are looking to bring in some more skillful players.

Alliance Setup -
AW tier 4/5 (2000+)
AQ - BG1 (5*5), BG2 (5*5), B3 (3*5)
AQ- 100+ million
SA weekly (400k+)
No event minimums
Donations - 105 gold, 22k BC, 11k loyalty
Gold 1 season 5 (rank 240)

AW Goals -
Gold 1/Plat3

Min Requirements -
350k+ (deviations based on skill)
Experience at tier 5 or better
Act 5 Completion
Map 5 experience

Ideal Requirements-
Elders Bane
Experience at tier 5 or better
Map 5 experience

Hit me up on line - WHOzR4GE if your interested in creating a strong, stable alliance with these type of goals.


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