The Next 12 Back Issues!

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Yes, this is a long thread, yes, I am aware of that. There isn't that much to read, its 99% pictures and videos that are taking up so much space. :D

So we all know the first Event Quest released to the game was Ultron's Assault back in April 22, 2015. Kabam stated there will be more Back Issues soon, and logically I can guess the next one will be the one that came after Ultron's Assault, Mystery in the Microrealms, which was released July 8, 2015.


Some of the oldest players may remember this Event Quest, it was the first iteration of Pym Particles (or Canisters) in the game. There was an arena for the event as well, where you could earn Pym Particles, and a gifting event as well.

These Events also bring lots of nostalgia for older players, a lot of it is in this thread

The 3rd Back Issue would most likely be the Polar Opposites Event, released August 27, 2015.
This was the introduction to Magneto in the game.


Not too long after, the 4th Event Quest entered the game, theWaning Moon Event released September 14, 2015, and it introduced Spider-Man (Symbiote), Moon Knight, and Deadpool X-Force.

The rewards for Polar Opposites and Waning Moon seemed fairly exceptional to how challenging it is to get those Mastery Cores these days, at least for the difficulty, but it was challenging back then, way more.

Next, the 5th Back Issue. On October 8, 2015, came Blood and Venom, which introduced Kabam's first original Marvel character, Guillotine, and of course, Venom. I've played all of these Events, and I remember this one the most.

Next, Back Issue 6, released November 19, 2015, came Contamination, which I think was the first Event to release different difficulties, and released Luke Cage and Daredevil Netflix, and started the beginning of a multiple year long tease with Jessica Jones appearing but not being added as a playable character.


Back Issue 7 came along December 10, 2015, Rocket and Groot's Holiday Special, (which ran at the same time as Clark Gregg's Challenge!) introduced our beloved Groot to the game (finally).


Next, Back Issue 8, came along January 14, 2016, to start the year off with Miles Morales, in Arachnid Action.


Phew, almost done, Back Issue 9, Deadpoolooza was released February 3, 2016, which brought along Old Man Logan for the ride.

The next Back Issue (10), *sigh* was Kamala's First Day, released March 2, 2016, and introduced... Kamala... Khan... to the game. Ugh. It also started teasing the way more likable Agent Venom, as well.


Back Issue 11, (yay I'm almost done!), was M.O.D.O.K., Mo' Problems, released April 6, 2016. It introduced M.O.D.O.K., Agent Venom, and Red Hulk, all of whom are playable now, (M.O.D.O.K. wasn't until December of 2017).


Yes, I'm placing a Super Gaming Family video in here. :D

Back Issue 12, was the ever-hyped Cosmic Civil War, starting April 26, 2016. It introduced Falcon, Crossbones, Civil Warrior, and Black Panther (Civil War). Summoner's got to choose Pro or Anti Registration, and had an Event Quest unlocked according to what side you chose.


I hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane, or the insight. Hopefully these Events come out soon, as I know a lot of the community will have fun with them. As they start to release them more and more, I'll create another thread like this, for another 12. Eventually we will catch up with the current game, and I'll have to wait another 12 months before making another :D

Peace out Summoner.

-Slayer of Gods
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    Back Issue 7 had some awesome funny dialogue iirc (the collector making fun of Kang xD).
  • SlayerOfGodsSlayerOfGods Posts: 1,665 ★★★★
    Back Issue 7 had some awesome funny dialogue iirc (the collector making fun of Kang xD).

    Im gonna have to find that XD
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    I’m relatively new to the game but this proved as a interesting backstory to the contest and what it was like in it early days
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