Dungeons Return December 21st - Special 3-Day Event Jan 5-8!

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Dungeons are coming back from December 21st at 10am PST until January 8th at 10am PST!

In this iteration, we’re going to be trying something new, but only for the final 3 days! The following changes will be live from January 5th at 10am PST to January 8th at 10am PST.


For the final 3 days of this iteration of Dungeons, you’ll be able to find Rank Up resources in the Room Rewards of certain Rooms! You’ll be able to challenge yourselves over and over again to repeatedly get rewards in addition to the ones that you claim from Milestones! You’ll find Catalysts and Catalyst Fragments in Dungeon Rooms 5, 7, 9, 11, and 13! Each Dungeon Difficulty rewards a different type of Catalyst, with Dungeon 7 providing Tier 2 Alpha Catalyst Shards! As always, the bigger challenges you defeat, the bigger your reward will be!

Dungeon Buffs
The rewards are greater, but so is the danger! Dungeon Difficulty will now escalate with additional Buffs on opponents. The amount of Buffs per Link Node will increase as you progress further into the Dungeon.

Difficulties 1-6:

Rooms 1-4: 1 Buff
Rooms 5-6: 2 Buffs
Rooms 7-8: 3 Buffs
Room 9: 4 Buffs
Rooms 10+: 5 Buffs

Difficulty 7:

Rooms 1-6: 2 Buffs
Rooms 7-8: 3 Buffs
Room 9: 4 Buffs
Rooms 10+: 5 Buffs

Refresh Changes
Dungeons were previously updated from one day events to three day runs, but the refresh timers were never changed. For the first time ever, we’re making Catalysts accessible in a way that they are almost infinitely grindable if you so choose. As such, we’re updating the Refresh Times and Costs. The following changes will be implemented for our Champions to rest and recharge before challenging the Dungeons once again:

1 and 2-Star Champions will still have the same 5-Hour Refresh Timer, other Champion Refresh Timers will be updated as follows:

3-Star Champions
20 Hour Refresh or 25 Unit Cost

4-Star Champions
44 Hour Refresh or 50 Unit Cost

5-Star Champions
92 Hour Refresh or 80 Unit Cost

6-Star Champions
140 Hour Refresh or 120 Unit Cost

Prepare to team up with new and old friends as you dive into the challenges waiting in the new Dungeons! As a reminder these changes will only be in effect January 5, 10:00 AM PST.
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