๐Ÿ’ฃ Why we need Summoner Level 70 (WITHOUT new Masteries!) ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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First of all, I'm just gonna drop the info that the Summoner Level hasn't increased since October 7th, 2015.

Don't believe me?

1. A push to complete more content. I've been level 60 for about a year now, and it seems like there's not (as) much left to try and push to complete (except all the fun and interactive content ๐Ÿ˜‚). I pushed so hard to get to level 60... now what do I do? Level 70 would encourage more people to level up, especially for the rewards listed in my 3rd reason.

2. More space for your items. I'm sure at some point after you hit level 60, your Stash starts to overflow with the likes of Catalysts, ISO-8, and assorted Items. Leveling up could house more storage for those items in your inventory, rather then the Stash.

3. Kabam has stated previously that the reason they haven't increased the level was so there weren't any additional points or masteries, to upset the balance. Which I totally understand. But how about from level 60 - 70 you don't award any points? Instead, award more catalysts (T5B for Level 70?) and Gold (which the community still states there is a shortage of).

4. It would put more space between the more active and less active players, at least for awhile.

5. It would make XP Boosts actually useful for players that are level 60.

Do you have any additional reasons or thoughts? Comment below!


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    They need to do something.
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    I agree, its been over 3 years (or 1,164 days, today).
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    I won't take credit for this idea, don't remember who I saw post it first... What if after getting to Level 60 the XP Bar continues, and everytime you would level up it instead send you back to 60 but you get Rewards like Gold, Catalyst Fragments, and Signature Stones everytime. So basically 60 is still the limit, you can't get anymore Mastery Points but all that post 60 XP doesn't go to waste...

    Thats a splendid idea!
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    I agree they should raise the level and just give out things people need a lot instead of mastery points.

    1) gold
    2) loyalty
    3) t1a / t4b
    4) t2a shards / full
    5) t5b shards / full
    6) potions / boosts

    Hero crystal shards probably wouldn't make sense to give out for leveling up your summoner level, but I wouldn't say no to those either.
  • Lord2AwsumLord2Awsum Posts: 12 โ˜…
    This is the idea of the century!
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    they need to do something this is the onyl game i ever played that after maxing out your level you get nothing usually you can still get experience that rewards you with rewards
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    Tho I want more mastery points, this is manageable at least
  • DuMonUDuMonU Posts: 35 โ˜…
    Once you reach 60 they should offer you the ability to trade in low level heals and revives for higher levels! Work those rewards in somehow, as it stands now 25 level 1 heals barely dents the health bar of a 5* champ.
  • MegavokMegavok Posts: 247 โ˜…โ˜…
    I remember they said something like if they increase summoner levels,they will make event quests,events requires more energy than usual each months,for those energy/path ratio.
    Instead of increase they can turn level 60 to an endless loop(something like,YOU LEVELED UP 60+) and give summoners an energy refill and level up crystals that contains some stuff.
  • Or instead of adding 10 levels, you could just use the xp for giving reward periodically, similar to how subway surfers works after lvl 30
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    Plus the fact they should add the numbers of how much XP you need to level up on the bar...

    Kinda like this
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