Ally looking for a merge with 7-8 players. AQ map 5x5, AW tier 4

Hi all

Im looking for a merge with 7-8 players in total or 2 smaller merge.
We gonna replace some of the currently members thats too inactive. Before we kick members we was a 10 mill ally.

Need to handle map 5 - we do assigned path
Need to handel Aw aswell

not relevant
ur rating need to be min 250k and have enuf good champs to do aw and aq same time.

Donation: weekly 130k Gold, 25k BC, 12,5 loyalty

Duels - 650 points
Completition - 10.000 points
AQ - map 5x5
AW - 3 bg

About us.
We are a bunch of core players been together for over 1½ year and know each other very well.
we are adults players from all around the World.
We design the path in AQ so its fits best for u due timezone or champs u got.

If ur interested leave a msg here and i will pm u for further details.

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