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πŸ’€πŸ‘»Have Duels Become the New Alliance Bases?πŸ‘»πŸ’€

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So with the start of the game, there was Alliance Bases, just chilling with all of us in Battlerealm (Rip), and I prayed to the Kabam Lords that one day the Alliance Bases would come to all Summoners aid, to help eradicate whale kind, and bathe in the glory of perfect intercept, where we would never again take an instant blocked hit and die to Aegon...

Seriously though, :smile:
Ever since they took the dueling Event away, I haven't seen a lot of people dueling. I mean, I saw that trampoline guy do it while he was playing Quake, but theres almost no thrill in it anymore for most, (unless you just wanna duel for fun and not for the rewards).

But in my opinion its starting to become the content that not many mess with (which is more than I can say for what Bases was), but I hope you can see where I draw my comparison. I want them to make dueling fun again, add more rewards, make it easier to access, and interesting. Actually put time into it. Ive seen so many suggestions on how to make dueling better, and instead of using any of them, they just delted the event. So instead of making it fun, its just that content that nobody really plays now.

Any suggestions? Post them below, and keep them constructive, lets not risk another shutdown of a post that couldve helped. Thanks! :)


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    I can’t speak for other alliances but the rewards were worthless. PHC shards were never exciting. I hated the duel event.
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    Weird that there is already another thread about this today. But I'll quote what I posted in the other:
    There are duel contest rooms on Line. Mvinceable and Katy Candy have featured it on their channels. All rewards are community based though. Seems like an untapped area for Kabam. If they created a weekly duel challenge with a Kabam created profile and some arbitrary requirements then it might be interesting again. Until then, unless you're doing these duel challenges like these YouTubers then these credits are useless outside of practice for war fights.
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