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Looking for higher tier alliance

I'm trying to move up to higher tier alliances, and I'm looking for an alliance as below;

* P1 or Master Tier AW alliance
* AQ map 5 or higher. (map 6 preferred, but not mandatory.)
* Good communication and cheer ups for each members
* Do not scold or point fingers for one death during AW
* Exchange good tips and guides

My profile is as follows;

* PI is between 8k and 8.1k
* 5* R5 Magik and Vision (both sig level 200)
* 5* R5 Stark Spidey (unduped)
* 5* R4 Champions: Hawkeye, Hulk, Red Hulk, Ghost Rider, Spider-man (classic)
* 5* R4 Champions (unduped): Blade, Wolverine (X-23)
* 6* Champions: Iron Man (Infinity War), Captain America (WWII), Deadpool (X-force), Juggernaut

If you are interested, please contact me by line (id: steve.seungil.lee)
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